Welcome to the St Joseph's College Teaching and Learning Strategies wiki.

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This is a place for sharing tips, tricks, ideas, inspirations and resources for use in the grandest of professions, Teaching!
Have a read through those already here in order to refresh and renew your class.
You may find something new or an oldie-but-a-goodie.
Have something so awesome that you just have to share it with the world? Well, feel free to add that too.

The aim of this wiki is to share, and in this modern world we often don't get the time we'd like to tell people about the amazing things we've done or ideas we seen. Yet with the advantages of our modern world we can still inspire each other in some small way. It is hoped that the Teaching and Learning wiki can do just that- inspire you- whilst making finding ideas just a little easier.

Have fun :)

Adding the wiki to your bookmarks bar
1: Well you've already done the first step by coming to the right page.

2: Just to the left of your address bar is a plus sign (top left corner of the screen).
Click it. You'll get a small screen that looks like this.


3: Choose a name for the site.
Tip! Pick something smallish so it doesn't take up you whole bookmarks bar.
Eg. T&L wiki

4: Make sure the second box says Bookmarks Bar (like in image above).
Click Add.
The name you have chosen for it will appear in space beneath your address bar. Just click this anytime and it will take you directly to the website.

How to add to the wiki

Anyone can add to the wiki, you do not need to be a member.
Any page can be edited, except the home page.
  • Simple steps for typing in an idea.
    • Pick the page you want to add to.
    • Click Edit, in the top right corner.
    • Go to the bottom on the list and put the cursor there.
    • Type.
    • Click Save.

  • If you want to add a file link to the page follow the instructions below
When you add a file to the wiki, people can click on the link and download it onto their computer.
One thing you need to consider when doing this is the file type.
There are various file types: some that work on Macs, some for Windows, and some on both.

Mac: files made in Pages, Numbers and Keynote, will only open in those programs.
This means if you put this on the wiki, it will only work for people with Macs. *This is fine for most of us here as we all have Macs!

  • To make the file something that can be opened by anyone, you can Export it, which saves it as a different type of file.
For work made in Pages you need to make it into a PDF file.
1. File, Export
2. Click on PDF format, click Next.
3. Choose where you want it to save, then click Export.

  • For work made in Keynote, you need to export it as either a PDF file or Quicktime video.
1. Follow the same process as making a Pages file into a PDF.

  • To upload to the wiki.
1. To upload a file, click on the button that says File (in middle of edit bar)
2. A window will pop up, click +Upload File, choose your file or video, from your computer, and wait for it to appear.
3. Click on the file or video. It should appear on your page.
4. Click Save on edit bar to see what your page will now look like.

*You can also add images, though remember this is posted on the web and copyright laws do exist.
Try the Creative Commons in Flickr or use your own images and photos to avoid this problem completely.